Consider the magic words hold and the power they wield over us. Creepy, spooky, shrieking, creaking, howling – they frighten us. Love, romance, hug, friendship, tenderness– they enfold us in their gossamer threads and comfort us. Words have the power to mesmerize us, hypnotize us.

We can revel in beauty or flinch from horror.

We can make new words of our own. Thank you for showing me this Mr. Carroll, you old Jabberwocky, you. Words can tumble over us like a rushing waterfall. They can be sprinkled around us like leaves falling on a crisp autumn day.

It’s amazing how we can mold meaningless letters into words and sculpt those words into thoughts and emotions. We can express our dreams, our hopes, and our darkest fears.

Words are the chill in the air between two who once were close; the sparks of a new love.

Some words are cold, jagged on the tongue and bitter – racism, greed, hatred. They can curdle blood and chill bones. Other words are fluffy and sweet, cotton candy of the mind that melt the heart – the first time your grandchild says he loves you (“wub ooo, Nonnie”).

At their best, words are gifts, waiting for bestowment upon those around us, unfettered by price tags.

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